China should be good partners with inclusive interests and pursue common development. Xi called on the two count ries to boost mutual political trust, enhance communication of policies and support each other’s major concerns and core interests. China appreciates Italy’s contributions to promoting relations between China and Europe, Xi said, adding that China would like to enhance cooperation with Italy under multilateral frameworks, including the United Nations and the G20, to support multilateralism and free trade. Saying that the world is facing unprecedented challenges, Xi added that China w ould like to make joint efforts with the international community to build a more beautiful world.Read More →

 that was put forward by Xi, and the initiative is expected to promote the interconnectivity of the Eurasian continent. The BRI is also a road of cultural exchanges, he said, adding that Italy would like to enhance cooperation with China in tourism and culture. Italy ad mires China’s achievements in economic development, and it appreciates China’s opening-up policies, he said. Both Italy and China are ancient civilizations, and the people of the two countries have sufficient wisdom to deal with challenges nowadays, he said, adding that China’s rejuvenation will bring new contributions to peace and prosperity. China will take a solid step toward becoming aRead More →

ROME, March 22 — Visiting President Xi Jinping met with Italian Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati here Friday on expanding exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ legislative institutions. China and Italy have enjoyed a traditional friendship, with the ancient Silk Road closely linking the two peoples, Xi said. Since they established diplomatic relations nearly 50 years ago, the China-Italy ties have seen healthy and stable devel opment, and the two countries have become important partners who trust each other and work together, Xi said. The visit is meant to consolidate the stability and strategic nature of the China-Ita ly relations in the longRead More →

  A “viable improvised explosive device” contained in a plastic envelope was found in a postal collection center in Limerick, western Ireland, the Irish police said in a statement.   Police were alerted to a suspicious item shortly after 6 a.m. local time on Friday, authorities said in an earlier statem ent. The army’s bomb disposal team arrived at the An Post’s collection center at 9:50 a.m. local time, where the package was found.   ”On arrival a cordon was established and the building was evacuated for the duration of the operation. A viable impr ovised explosive device contained in a plastic envelope was identified and made safe,”Read More →

  ministration to wade into a foreign contest, it was not the only time the President or his tea m has weighed in on the domestic politics of other countries. From undercutting British Prime Minis ter Theresa May during a visit to the United Kingdom to calling attention to protests against French President Emm anuel Macron, Trump has repeatedly sought to influence the internal affairs of the US’s closest allies — in full public view.   ”It’s not without precedent that United States leaders have said things that affect politics in other countries, but it is without prece dent for them to do it as brazenly asRead More →

China will expand opening-up in education, enhance mutual learning with different countri es and jointly push forward the development of education, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday. Xi made the remark during a meeting with Ha rvard University President Lawrence Bacow at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Xi said China advocates mutual learning, encourages its students to study overseas and supports exchanges and cooperation in education with other countries. He said he hopes more positive outcomes can be achieved from people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States. Bilateral exchanges and cooperation in education are impor tant for China-US relations because theyRead More →

  all of US higher education in order to promote bilateral educational exchanges, he said.   ”I am here precisely because, like you, I believe these ties are extremely import ant for our academic institutions, but even more importantly, for our nations,” he said.   He noted that there are a large number of overseas students from China at Har vard, and the Chinese language is among the most popular foreign languages at the institution.   He also expressed his admiration for the great emphasis the Ch inese government has placed on education and its efforts to enhance higher education, addi ng that Harvard University is ready to moveRead More →

Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera on Wednesday ahead of his European tour, with visits to Italy, Monaco and France. Though far apart from each other, China and ancient Rome were linked by the old Silk Road over 2,000 years ago, Xi said in the ar ticle, mentioning the cultural exchanges between the two countries in the distant past. He said Beijing is willing to deepen cooperation with Rome in such areas as land and marine transportation, avia tion, aerospace and cultural exchanges to build the Belt and Road in the new era. “I’m willing to avail myself of this visit to work with ItalianRead More →

China will implement a group of measures to cut value-added ta x rates, ensuring that the tax burden on all industries will only go down, according to a decision made by the State Council’s executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday. The Government Work Report this year set out a plan for l arger tax cuts, including lowering the VAT rate in manufacturing and other industries from 16 t o 13 percent and the VAT rate in transportation, construction and other industries from 10 to 9 percent. A number of concrete measures were decided upon at the Wednesday meeting to achieve theRead More →

ial delay and the fact that a no-deal Brexit remained possible. By 1800 GMT it was down around 0.4 percent against the dollar. Nearly three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, there is still no clarity over how, when or even whether the world’s fifth largest economy should leave the bloc it joined in 1973. When May set the March 29 exit date two years ago by serving the formal Article 50 divorce papers, she declared there would be “no turning back”. But parliament’s ref usal to ratify the withdrawal deal she agreed with the EU has thrust her governmentRead More →