On January 26, the morning news, Portuguese braga announced 20 – year – old Japanese teenager anxi sea fights to join us.   Anxi previously played for sea fight the Japanese second division yamagata, mountain in 32 appearances last season, bra ga and he signed a contract for two and a half years, also has the priority right of renewal.   Right Tian Xiu a data diagram   Another, according to Japan’s “nikkan sports” and other media are in the Asian cup goalkeeper right Tian Xiu wo uld join Portuguese Bohr, mans, and island xiang zai become teammates.Right Tian Xiu a previously had an experience a broad, playingRead More →

  The Spanish team official officer XuanWuLei to join us.   Chinese player finally set foot on the five major league again.   28 evening, la liga Spanish club officials announced that Shanghai port take charge of the core lei transfer success.   For lei and soccer in China, overseas study is a dream, but also must be a step in the Chinese football.   Lei waved in the port, start a new adventure.   Why is the Spanish team?   One season in the past, lei, who scored 27 goals in the five years before, he is also the most goals in the league players every season, the Chinese super leagueRead More →

  17, Britain’s prince Philip driving a land rover freelander, hit after another kia car overturned, he is fine, however, another car has 1 wounded.After 5 days, prince Philip, apologized to the victims, he explained that originally the road is very familiar with, but the dazzling sunshine he couldn’t see the front, and accident.   Prince Philip, 97, Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii’s husband.In a car accident happened two days later, prince Philip w as spotted driving the new car on the road again, this time even not wearing your seatbelt.   , according to the guardian, the daily mirror newspaper reported the accident occurred in 17 at 3Read More →

Local time Friday (25), the United States a biometric system, an assistant professor at duke university Megan Neely (M egan Neely) send an email to all department student because of racial discrimination caused concern. Mail, said there were two staff to find her, respectively, said they see two Ch inese students in teaching “loudly speak Chinese”, want to know their names, but refused to the two students in ternship or project application.Disappointed megan said, the two members of the faculty, the students di dn’t grasp the opportunity to try to improve my English, they completely in th e aisles with others don’t understand the languageRead More →

Tiger flapping on Jan. 27 – at the end of the earlier in the final of the Australian open, novak djokovic to 6-3/6-2/6-3 beat nadal, and hit a seven times into the Australian open final, seven win all the glory of the record, became the first in the history of Australian open men’s singles crown. At this point, djokovic harvest the 15th grand slam of the individual, surpassing the Pete sampras, living history third.The former two are respectively Roger federer (20) and nadal (17). As the red star Belgrade’s fans, the club is the fir st time for novak djokovic on the blessings, wrote “congratulationsRead More →

  Yesterday, the micro letter award on hot search.   Some netizens said the micro letter a department award 2 billion, 2.8 million per h ead.Micro letter sending employees 2888 yuan red envelopes with an iPhone XS Max (512 g), 4 months salary in advance.   Subsequently, tencent zhang rumours, 2.8 million per head that is impossible, he said but year-end bonuses have increased.   Revelation:WeChat department award 2 billion, 2.8 million per head!   According to sina science and technology, a number of netizens on Janu ary 25, tweeting, said WeChat department award 2 billion, 2.8 million per head.   According to sources, the letter sending employees 2888 yuan redRead More →

Overseas network on January 26 in Louisiana st. Louis, a duty policemen on Thursday (24) hours of the morning, with a fr ee female colleague in my apartment to play with the “Russian roulette” (in the left hand cartridge slot into one or more bul let, arbitrary rotating wheel, turn off the wheel and shoot), accidentally shot and killed a female colleague.At present, the involved male police charged with manslaughter, st. Louis prosecutor’s office on Friday (25) for his criminal charg es, the police are investigating why the male police officers on duty in his apartment. Comprehensive, CBS and fox news reported on January 24thRead More →

Lippi at the last day of the Chinese football ABU dhabi sports + reporter xiao rui the united Arab emirates (uae) “Breaking up should be decent, who all don’t say sorry.Leave is also very decent, didn’t live up to all these years…”A year ago, the Yu Wenwen of one of the” decent “made great river north and south, are now becoming marcelo lippi said goodbye to the reality of Chinese football.Is the so-called “goodbye, not to meet”, in the last night with his disciples coexistence, lippi or speak out to say goodbye, everyone knows this is goodbye. On January 24, 2019, all that has happenedRead More →

On January 25th afternoon, storm group (300431 SZ) share price plunge, plummeting, closed at 8.01 yuan per share, touches down.Previously, the Beijing news reported that the storm group series case the person subjected to execution list by Beijing court. “Lack of money is the storm” group of 2018 keywords.Financial data show that since 2018, the storm of group per formance fallen bluff type, financial conditions continued to deteriorate, the financing difficult. Direction and similar logic, in fact, because of business group has often been likened to “Letv” storm, some even dire ctly to the storm group known as the “is”, to express concern about theRead More →

  ”A man for love and death a disgrace.Qian son, I’m going.”January 16, late at night, live in nantong port gate police station police kicked in xiao wu to hospital in time, after the house at present, the xiao wu has no big deal.   Man the net love failed suicide, mother of god “last” : you don’t even know the somebody else is the cat is a dog   Delta guy in the circle of friends leave “words”   According to introducing, xiao wu 20 years old this year, is nantong rugao peop le, currently staying in nantong port lock area.More than three months ago, xiao wu whenRead More →