On January 25th morning, a public source says shenzhen lotus park near kite square as the murder of litchi Lin, a young woman in a litchi tree hanged, for unknown reasons.The reporter understands, the dead wearing a white coa t and black pants.Mr Fukuda police confirmed the woman out of homicide, the reason is still under further investigation.   It is reported that on January 25, 2019, 8 a.m., shenzhen litchi Lin near the lotu s park, a young woman hanged, the police are the field forensics, and pull up the warning line.Residents found the po lice at the scene when morning exercise, according to peopleRead More →

Owners sued agent court ruled that the contract is invalid The judge reminded: owner entrusted agent need to be careful Market value of 13.35 million yuan of six sets of housing, in the hands of the trustee to sell only 1.1 million yuan price.Recently, the guangzhou li wan a court sentenced the building business contract dispute, the court said the behavior of the trustee seriously violated the principle of good faith, the sale and purchase behavior is a malicious collusion damage the interests of a third person, confirm the contract shall be invalid. Wen/guangzhou daily all media reporter sh Chou correspondent li Ming Joy: sixRead More →

When Ms. Li went to Liuzhou Xinyin Emily Medical and Beauty Clinic (hereinafter referred to as “Xinai Plastic”) for liposuction breast augmentation surgery (autologous fat breast augmentation surgery), she had sudd en cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and then shock and deep coma. Although later rescued by Liuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medi cine, Ms. Li was still in critical condition. She died at about 2:30 a.m. on January 20. She was only 32 years old. At present, Liuzhou Health Supervision Institute has intervened in the investigation. On January 20, the reporter met Ms. Li’s family in the East Hospital of Liuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.Read More →

  Entertainment, a recent thing is really too much, and high-profile derailed super wu door until today is not over yet, wave after wave, constantly sur prise for everyone, before someone broke Chen Yulin on social platform had some travel photos and pictures, life in 1.21 later again someone broke Chen Yulin in their own circle of friends to sell their own idle second-hand luxury goods.   1.21 Sunday evening, after the news broke about Chen Yulin, explode of ne tizens who claimed to be Chen Yulin friends on social networking platform, have Chen Yulin WeChat, also sent a Chen Yulin circle of friends, really is toRead More →

  Recently, in suzhou grade 11 Chinese nationwide examination, there is a modern article reading comprehension befuddle d by students.After the test, there is the student to contact the author asked her to answer, and then…   Wang Yawei Po screenshot   ”Want to know what the author do questions was”   What’s interesting is that king of also got only six points of many students in suzhou, afterwards became king of “fans”.   ”Now, weibo fans increased by more than 200, are almost all the students in suzhou.”King of 19 evening, told repo rters that on the evening of 16, a claim to the high school students in suzhouRead More →

New fabric on January 20, the client (on January 20, for there are a lot of rumors spell in the market, “because the ash black production was collected walk 20 billion” rumors spread. This spell spokesman said a lot, the actual final loss or less than ten million RMB yuan. But surprisingly, faster than while wool is “capital loss 20 billion” rumors spread speed. The spokesman said, have never thought in the system without any data security holes, holes while grey black production can use rules worth tens of millions of coupons. Party just scattered, a spokesman for the wool, too late, has been toRead More →

  All over the country provinces economy transcript with this year’s economic growth targets the exception.At 18, a total of Tibet, Beijing, tianjin, hebei and other 13 provinces disclose the goal expecte d GDP growth in 2019.Among them, tianjin, heilongjiang, jiangsu, anhui and other places have cut.   Source: the new fabric   Jilin province CPPCC vice chairman er-zhi wang was double open   Recently, jilin province, er-zhi wang, vice President of the Chinese people’s political co nsultative conference because of serious violations, was expelled from, expelled from office.   Figure: er-zhi wang source: the central commission for discipline inspection site by state prison WeChat public number   Infinite shaanxi branchRead More →

  Lunar New Year films “pig year” page preheating propaganda “what is the page” brush screen.   The five more minutes short film, tells the story of rural elderly for grandson gift, surrounding the “what is” page, grandpa ask around, experienced twists and turns, finally the time when family members got together, take out the gift to the grandson: pure handmade pink blower hardcore version of the page the pig.   Short passing humor and touched, let many people take the initiative to thumb up forward.   On January 18th, ali to surging news, pictures, aspects what is page is will be released in the Spring Festival Chinese NewRead More →

  Migrant workers mall rest by driving?Workers question “look down on people”, stores that image   Introduction:   Coverage of year approaching, many migrant workers have begun to return home, they a re also very busy for a year outside expect to go home together.The construction of the city, the development of the soc iety cannot leave the peasant workers’ friends’ hard work, they are for their own income, but also can appear lag without their construction of city.We often say that work both high and low, people are created equal.But there are still some people with tinted glasses to view migrant workers.We take a look at theRead More →

  The Beijing news reporter xu mei Lin proofreading artist jang hyuk Guo Li harp   Beijing news dispatch (reporter artist jang hyuk) on January 18th, jiajia deng announced jiajia deng has the studio articles and outside the husband in r ock peace break up, end the relationship, “although ending sadly, thank once company”.   Jiajia deng wedding photos.Chinese figure/vision   In November 2014, in the “love apartment” “tang long” actor jiajia deng and contacts a de cade in rock wedding in Australia.Jiajia deng share romantic wedding photos in weibo, and said “ love each other for ten years, thank you accompany me to the new phase of life.”ThenRead More →