Mate X is more practical than Galaxy Fold because the latter is folded inward to lower the risk of br eaking apart while falling down, which is not so useful when breaking-glass insurance is popular. More importantly, the “new” foldable smartphones are hardly of any pr actical use. Of course, one can easily double the display of the foldable smartphone by un folding it so it has the size of an iPad, but that’s all. In plain words, the foldable display enables users to combine a tablet an d a smartphone into one. There might be more uses in the future, but at least notRead More →

Chinese stocks market surged on Monday with benchmark indices in Shanghai and Shenzhen jumping over 5 percent, mak ing daily turnover break through 1.04 trillion yuan ($155.5 billion), a new record since 2015. The Barron’s, a fin ancial weekly published by Dow Jones & Company, said the performance of Chinese stocks is much better than the S& P 500. Global investment management corporation BlackRock also suggested lasting gains of the bull market. Barron’s said the CSI 300 index, which tracks the largest stocks traded in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, rose 6 percent on Monday, with a year-to-date gain of nearly 24 percent, twiceRead More →

China and the United States are expected to come to an agreement soon over trade frictions, analysts said, as the negotiating teams a re reported to be discussing the wording of an accord and considering applying the brakes to their tariff standoff. They made the prediction after Chinese and US officials said there had been concrete p rogress on multiple issues in the latest round of trade talks in Washington. During the latest talks, held from Thursday to Sunday in Washington, the seventh round since February of last year, th e two sides focused on the text of an agreement, the Chinese delegation said, accordingRead More →

  need money.”Lankov is one of the few foreigners ever to study at Kim Il Sung University, the country’s most pr estigious institution of higher learning. Today he runs the Korea Risk Group consultancy, teaches at Kookmin Uni versity in Seoul and is considered one of the world’s experts on the inner workings of North Korea.   He says Kim and his top advisers are cold, realistic and brutally rational. They believe that nuclear weapons are the key to their survival given the fate of Moa mmar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Ukraine as well as Trump’s decision to ditch the Iran nuclear deal.   ”For the North Koreans,Read More →

  red a series of missteps leading up to the telecast, beginning with the proposal to introduce a “popular film” category. That id ea was quickly scuttled, as was a subsequent plan to move four awards into the commercial breaks to help st reamline the ceremony, which prompted a rebellion from Academy members.   In between, Kevin Hart was chosen to host the awards, before the resurfacing of homophobic socia l-media posts prompted the comic to withdraw. After a period of confusion, it was finally co nfirmed the awards would be mounted without a host, the first time that’s happened in 30 years.   Much of the tumultRead More →

  development trend of relying more on innovation, creation and creativity to foster a change in the structure and quality of financial services.   When it comes to the support of financially-strained private enterprises, he said that market laws shall be respected more and that targeted financial services are needed.   Private firms who are temporarily in difficulties but engage in businesses that match well with the national industrial development plans or focus on the real eco nomy, possess leading technologies and enjoy an advantage in the market shall be prioritized, he said.   ”The healthy development of the real economy is the foundation to prevent and defu seRead More →

  systemic financial risks, are the fundamental tasks of financial work, calling for accelerated construction of the fina ncial market infrastructure and advanced efforts to nationalize key information infrastructure in the sector.   He also urged solid statistics in the financial sector and improvement in the warning system and rules on information disclosure and management.   Education and supervision of senior officials of financial institutions and regulators sh ould be enhanced, and more should be done to fight corruption in the financial sector, Xi said.   He called for dynamic supervision of domestic and cross-border capital flow to enable financial watchdogs to fully monitor all flows.   Xi said tasksRead More →

  An accident at a coal mine in Inner Mongolia that claimed 21 lives and injured 29 was c aused by a brake glitch that forced a vehicle to go out of control and hit a ramp, according to local authorities.   The accident occurred at about 8:20 am on Saturday at a mining company in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, when a vehicle was transporting 50 workers to the mine.   The cause of the accident is under investigation. All 29 injured were rushed to hospital and were in stable condition.   Fu Jianhua, vice-minister of emergency management, arrived at Inner Mongolia at 22:00 pm on SaturdayRead More →

  Brexit could be on the brink of being postponed.   Three senior UK ministers have issued a warning to Theresa May that Britain’s depa rture from the European Union should be delayed if there is no breakthrough on her deal in the next few days.   Writing in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, cabinet members Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark signaled th ey would support a vote in Parliament to have the Article 50 process extended in order to prevent Britain leaving the EU without a deal.   ”If there is no breakthrough in the coming week, the balance of opinion in Parliament is cl earRead More →

  snapping a selfie of the group as they took their seats in the House of Commons. But non e of the group asked a question of the Prime Minister, as she appeared before MPs for her weekly grill ing, and the defections were barely addressed. The mood in the House of Commons seemed more subdued than usual.   The closest May came to acknowledging the issue was when she attacked Corbyn over anti-Semitism in his party, cited as a reason for some of the defectors leaving his party.   May said she never thought she would see the day when “a once proud Labour party was accusedRead More →