hina and the United States will hold their eighth round of high-level economic and trade cons ultations in Beijing on Friday, with “much work” remaining to be done, the Ministry of Commerce said. Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said on Thursday that the two nations have made some progre ss through recent phone discussions between Vice-Premier Liu He and US Trade Representative Robert Ligh thizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “But there remains much work to be done,” he said. To iron out differences over certain economic and trade issues, China and the US have b een intensifying their consultations. Next week, Liu will visit WashingtonRead More →

anufacturers and said the current system had produced an unprecedented safety record i n the US. He said the FAA was “fully involved” in the certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8, including “133 of the 297 flight tests”. Senator Richard Blumenthal questioned the FAA’s oversight of the Boeing 737 Max jet, argu ing that reliance on the manufacturer put “the fox in charge of the henhouse”. Blumenthal said Boeing rushed to get the 737 Max in the air to compete with Europe’s Airbus and disregarded critical safety features. “There needs to be rigorous reform so the FAA is put back in charge of safety,”Read More →

king with industry to meet shared safety goals,” he said. “FAA now delegates more of its aircr aft certification to approved manufacturers through its congressionally authorized Organization Desig nation Authorization program or ODA. However, my office has identified weaknesses with FAA oversight of ODA.” Senators questioned the safety of Boeing’s anti-stall system, called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. The system was installed because Max jets have bigger engines mounted closer to the nose of the plane than older Boeing 737s, changing the plane’s aerodynamics. If the nose rises, threatening a stall, the MACS system automatically points the nose of the plane down to gain speed.Read More →

More than 60 countries will send naval delegations to participate in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peo ple’s Liberation Army Navy in late April, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense said on Thursday. The celebration will showcase the progress of the PLA Navy and its growing capabili ty in safeguarding China’s overseas interests as well as regional and world peace, an expert said. The multinational naval event will take place in Qingdao, Shandong province, in late Ap ril, said ministry spokesman Senior Colonel Wu Qian. April 23 is the 70th anniversary of the PLA Navy’s founding. The naval event willRead More →

Editor’s Note: President Xi Jinping visited Italy, Monaco and F rance from March 21 to 26. Why is the visit important for China-European Union rela tions? Two experts share their views on the issue with China Daily’s Pan Yixuan. Excerpts follow: Visit sets positive tones for China-EU relations Xi’s visit to the three European countries has yielded substantial fruits of cooperation, the most significant being the signing of a memorandum of understanding between China and Italy paving the way for Italy to participate in th e China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative to promote mutual development. The cooperation deals in fields such as trade and infrastructureRead More →

rucial to getting the agreement through said it would reject the deal again. Britain was supposed to leave the bloc on Friday but Brussels agreed last week to put back the divorce date until April 12 to give it a chance to resolve a three-year crisis that has split the country down the middle. However, it still remains uncertain how, when or even whether the United Kingdom, the wo rld’s fifth-biggest economy, will leave the EU. The possibilities that it will leave with no deal to so ften the shock to its economy, or delay the departure date to hold a general election, have increasedRead More →

ons has voted against remaining in the EU and every version of leaving the EU,” tweeted James Cleverly, the Conservative Party’s deputy chairman. Nevertheless, some proposals fared better than May’s deal had done two weeks ago, and parlia ment was due to hold more indicative votes on Monday after refining the options most likely to secure a majority. Many Conservative eurosceptics had made clear they would only c onsider supporting May’s deal if she gave a firm commitment to resign, hoping a new leader would be more sympathetic to their views when negotiating the terms of Britain’s future relationship with the EU. “I have heardRead More →

ister in a row to have fallen foul of divisions over Europe within her centuries-old party, following David Cameron, John Major and Margaret Thatcher. Most voters think the Brexit negotiation has been handled badly and there may now be a slight majority for staying in the EU, rec ent polls suggest. Many Conservative MPs say May herself has caused the chaos by not negotiating harder with the EU. “It was inevitable and I just feel she’s made the right decision. She has actually read the m ood of the party, which was a surprise,” said Conservative lawmaker Pauline Latham. Over two decades since her debutRead More →

  levated China’s ties with Italy, Monaco and France to a new level, and injected new impetus into China-Europe compreh ensive strategic partnership, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.   When the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, Xi’s Europe tour, hailed b y the international community, is dedicated to deepening partnership for cooperation, improving global governance, and uphol ding multilateralism, which shows China’s sense of responsibility as a major country, Wang said.   In six days, the Chinese president attended over 40 events during his visit to five cities including Rome, Palermo, Monaco, Nice a nd Paris, Wang noted, addingRead More →

ith so many applications in different parts of industry and the economy, and we want agreements, project by project.” Raffarin was appointed special envoy on China affairs by French President Emmanuel Mac ron. He pointed out that it is not pragmatic to have an agreement about every industrial sector, because, as sovereig n states, both countries need to protect the interests of their own businesses and industries. “It’s easier to go project by project, and, after some experience, we can add a larger vision,” Raffarin said. His comments came after Italy signed a BRI memorandum of understanding with China during Xi’s visit to Rome lastRead More →