tertiary sector, which is mainly services, grew from 56.7 to 57.3 percent of GDP from the same period last year. The Index of Services Production increased 7.4 percent year-on-year, higher than the growth rate of overall GDP. Overall retail sales of consumer goods also grew at 8.3 percent. Sales of upgraded consumer goods witnessed fast gro wth, with the highest rates concentrated in upgraded products such as cosmetics, phones and computers. And, high-tech services grew at an astonishing rate of 21.2 percent. In prepa ring for consumer 5G telecoms next year, the output of mobile communications base stations grew 153.7 percent. The data also showRead More →

tiative for a very long time, Astle has identified many opportunities provided by the BRI and some great projects are already successfully being implemented with Chinese partners. The world’s only medicine treating spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is entering the Chinese market, it was announced Sunday. The drug is registered under the name Spinraza in the United States and European Union. Available in more than 40 countries and regions, Spinraza is expected to bring new hope for those who living with SMA, a genetic disorder that affects muscle control, in China. SMA affects between one in 6,000 and one in 10,000 in China, a nd aboutRead More →

income population, Xi said that China would open up its market continuously and welcome quality products from around the world. China does not pursue a trade surplus intentionally, and it would like to import more com petitive farm products, finished products and services to promote the balance of trade, Xi said. China will promote greater openness in modern services, manufacturin g and agriculture, allow foreign capital to hold the controlling share in more areas and buil d some new free trade pilot zones to further ease market access for foreign capital, he said. China will speed up making relevant rules and regulat ions and ensureRead More →

 an independent choice based on the objective need of the country’s reform and development. This is helpful in promoting high-quality growth, meeting the people’s need s for a better life and promoting peace, stability and development of the world, he said. China also hopes that other countries will create a good investment environment, treat Chinese enterpris es, students and scholars equally and create a friendly environment for their normal international exchange activities, Xi said. Xi pledged to take stronger measures to promote international cooperation in protecting intellectual pro perty, which he said is not only crucial to protecting the legal rights of companies but alsoRead More →

President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing on Friday. Here are the highlights. Belt and Road opens up new space for global economic growth Joint building of the Belt and Road has opened up new space for the world’s economic grow th. It also created a new platform to boost international trade and investment, expanded new practices to optim ize the global economic governance, and made new contributions to improving people’s well-being of all countries. High-quality development of Belt and Road stressed The principle of extensive consultation, joint contributionRead More →

tted by a white extremist against the local Muslim society, Islamic extremists were behind the atrocities that mainly targeted Christia ns in Sri Lanka, with the Islamic State terrorist group claiming responsibility, although this has yet to be verified. But, no matter who is behind such attacks, countries should not stand idly by or question another cou ntry’s anti-terrorism initiatives. They should work together to fight all forms of extremism and terrorism, no matter the religion or rac e behind them. Countries need to support each other’s efforts in this regard and share information and intelligence as nu merouWith the IS group losing ground inRead More →

According to Chilean Ambassador Luis Schmidt, the two countries on Wednesday secured a deal to open the Chinese market to Chilean pears. He said he is expecting the first pear exports to China to take place soon. Zhou Jin contributed to this story. Liu Cailin, a Hebei Academy of Fine Arts graduate, is a member of the Tujia ethnic group. At school Liu interned at design companies during summer and winter vacations. It wa s then that he fell in love with jewelry design. Several months after he graduated, Liu opened his own workshop. For lovers, every gift is special. Liu once received a message:Read More →

alia. In fact, any organizations or individuals providing communication services to Australia are subject to its jurisdiction, whether its “company, server, manufacturing location” is locat ed in Australia or not. More shockingly, the law imposes an extraordinary duty of confidentiality. The priva te sector, which assists law enforcement, cannot disclose the details of the instructions it receives, or even the ins tructions themselves. Otherwise, the violators will be put into prison for up to five years. In The Spirit of the Laws, Montesquieu warned: “Constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as farRead More →

China, but it belongs to the world. China has put forward the idea of boosting global development vi a infrastructure connectivity, and is working zealously to translate it into reality. This is based on wha t the country learned from its own rags-to-riches story, its own experience of the benefits of free trade and inte rnational cooperation, and on its understanding of the role a responsible major country must play. The forum’s growing list of distinguished guests is credible testimo ny that more and more countries appreciate the initiative‘s win-win nature and long-term pote ntial. With 126 countries and 29 international organizations signing cooperation agreementsRead More →

piece of the Mei School, Wan Ruixing, renowned Peking Opera composer and player of the jingh u (a high-pitched two-stringed fiddle used in Peking Opera), said the Cheng School’s sorrowful tunes a nd slow rhythm also could be a decent interpretation of concubine Yu’s tragic fate. “There are more tragedies in the Cheng School’s plays and the characte r of Yu and her deep sorrow in the legendary story meet very well with the featu res of the Cheng School,” said Wan, who is also responsible for the new play’s method of singi ng tunes.A former actress from the China National Peking Opera Company, Zhang has performedRead More →