anges to improve the experience and effectiveness of customs officers, Jin said. China will continue to conduct joint law enforcement operations with other countries targeti ng IPR violations, including Russia and the US. Customs officials of the EU, Japan and South Kore a have responded positively to China’s proposal for law enforcement operations, he said. “We have been encouraging domestic and overseas enterprises to conduct exchanges on t echnology and protecting the lawful intellectual property rights of overseas enterprises in China,” Jin said. “We a lso want other countries to intensify IPR protections for Chinese enterprises on their soil.” Jin made the comments at aRead More →

merging jobs related to the digital economy have been and are expected to continue gro wing quickly in China as digital technology is applied in more fields, said a senior executive from LinkedIn. New media operators, front-end development engineers, algori thm engineers, user interface designers, and data analysts were the top five profes sions with the fastest growing number of practitioners in China on the US-based professional networking site fro m 2013 to 2017, said Lu Jian, president of LinkedIn China in an exclusive interview with China Daily. “Digital economy, which has become part of the national strategy, is just unfolding in the country. ItRead More →

eing restored as well. We have no room for even the slightest error,” Song said. Liu Qingzhu, a cultural heritage expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, “In anci ent times, thunderstorms were the biggest threats for wooden architecture. They became much safer after l ighting rods were widely installed. However, the use of electricity in restorations has created a new problem.” Unlike the stone structures of much ancient architecture in the W est, wood was the primary building material in ancient China. “If a fire similar to the one at Notre Dame in Paris happened at a Chinese building, the whole buildingRead More →

 poverty-reduction workshop, where over 40 women from poor families found jobs. They draw on their fine craftsmanship and hand made items such as wallets, insoles and pillowcases, which sell at places as far away as Beijing and Shanghai. In December 2018, Shangyan and Yangcao were removed from the list of poverty-strike n villages with eight other villages of Huanghua Township, which means poverty had dropped to 3 percent and below, with all impoverished population included in the national basic medical insurance scheme. Ma died about a year after she was diagnosed with lymph cancer by a Beijing-based hospital in May 2017. Even during chemotherapy, sheRead More →

anufacturers and said the current system had produced an unprecedented safety record i n the US. He said the FAA was “fully involved” in the certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8, including “133 of the 297 flight tests”. Senator Richard Blumenthal questioned the FAA’s oversight of the Boeing 737 Max jet, argu ing that reliance on the manufacturer put “the fox in charge of the henhouse”. Blumenthal said Boeing rushed to get the 737 Max in the air to compete with Europe’s Airbus and disregarded critical safety features. “There needs to be rigorous reform so the FAA is put back in charge of safety,”Read More →

  A “viable improvised explosive device” contained in a plastic envelope was found in a postal collection center in Limerick, western Ireland, the Irish police said in a statement.   Police were alerted to a suspicious item shortly after 6 a.m. local time on Friday, authorities said in an earlier statem ent. The army’s bomb disposal team arrived at the An Post’s collection center at 9:50 a.m. local time, where the package was found.   ”On arrival a cordon was established and the building was evacuated for the duration of the operation. A viable impr ovised explosive device contained in a plastic envelope was identified and made safe,”Read More →

  100 million rupees ($1.4 million) — from India’s richest individuals in the 2018 financial year, according to this year’s India P hilanthropy Report by consulting firm Bain & Company and philanthropy fund Dasra. Private indi viduals in India donate about 430 billion rupees ($6.2 billion) each year, the report said.   Wipro was founded by Premji’s father in 1945 as a vegetab le oil manufacturer, and transitioned to the technology industry in the 1980s under Premji ‘s leadership. It has since grown into one of India’s biggest IT services companies, with more than 160,000 em ployees worldwide and over 1,200 clients in industries ranging from aerospaceRead More →

  when he flew into his Turnberry golf course in 2016. In fact, Trump arrived on the west coast of Scotland hours after the result of the referendum was announced.   Whether the President knows he’s lying, or has convinced himself of the truth of his alternative reality, is unclear. But his continued use of a discredited fact is a core element of his political technique.   Trump also put Varadkar on the spot — asking him to comment on Brexit, threatening to expose their differences on the issue.   Then Trump interrupted Varadkar, who watched with a bemus ed look as the President savaged the EU alongside oneRead More →

The growing number of Chinese choosing to remain single may worry many of their parents, but the phenomenon has created ample opportunities for retail and service providers. Many of them now target singles – who often have sizable disposabl e incomes as a result of fewer family commitments – with products that suit their lifestyles. Chen Xi, 29, a fashion industry consultant in Shanghai, said she has bought many products in recent years that have been customized for singles, including a rice cooker, an oven, a refrigerator and a washing machine. “These products come in smaller sizes than usual, which are perfect f or peopleRead More →

  Britain has now been instructed to properly finish the process of decolonizati on, and return the Chagos Islands, located half way between Africa and Indonesia, to Mauritius.   The ruling, though non-binding, potentially creates a huge problem for the Unite d States. Today, Diego Garcia is one of America’s most important — and secretive — overseas assets.   Home to over 1,000 US troops and staff, it has been used by the US Navy, the US Air Force and ev en NASA — the island’s enormous runway was a designated emergency landing site for the spac e shuttle. Diego Garcia has helped to launch two invasions ofRead More →