nts and carving stamp seals and learn about the appreciation of and technological metho ds being used in the conservation of the age-old buildings at the Palace Museum, MayIn celebration of this year’s International Museum Day, the Palace Museum in Beijing turned itself into a dynamic stage on Saturday an d offered a variety of activities to echo this year’s theme, “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”. Students and adult visitors were invited to the museum to learn about making prints and carving stamp seals and to learn about the appreciation of and tec hnological methods being used in the conservation of theRead More →

f the year until July or August, when the market may see a recovery, Xu Haidong, assistant to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers’ secretary-general, told the newspaper. The reason for the slowdown in China’s automotive market lies in the lack of consumer confidence, according to CA AM. In addition, the upcoming stricter Nation VI emission standards, market expectation for the country’s stimulating spe nding policy and a strong wait-and-see mood, are all contributing to the bleak picture, the association said. With the actual policy effects from tax cuts and fees reduction s, a promising consumer market boosted by infrastructure investment, the country’s a utomobileRead More →

ization, and the issue of occupational diseases, which has been accumu lating over the decades of extensive growth, is gradually starting to show,” Li said. A key task of the campaign is to complete a survey of the threat of dust pois oning, covering industries including mining, metallurgy and building materials by the end of 2020, and to hold companies accountable for preventing the hazard, a commission document said. The campaign also aims to have employers who generate large amounts of dust suspend their businesses and over haul working conditions, and will ask local authorities to shut down those that cannot improve. The campaign aimsRead More →

More than 2.5 million tourists visited West Lake in Zhejiang province over the May Day holiday. What caught the attention of many of them was the presence of a team of eight intern ational students, all wearing yellow vests and Bluetooth headsets, and riding electric scooters. The eight were studying in Hangzhou, Zhejiang’s provincial capital. They are the first internatio nal volunteer team serving at the famous spot, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. The foreign volunteers are from India, Mongolia, Banglade sh, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Yemen. “As Hangzhou is seeing an increasing number ofRead More →

tted by a white extremist against the local Muslim society, Islamic extremists were behind the atrocities that mainly targeted Christia ns in Sri Lanka, with the Islamic State terrorist group claiming responsibility, although this has yet to be verified. But, no matter who is behind such attacks, countries should not stand idly by or question another cou ntry’s anti-terrorism initiatives. They should work together to fight all forms of extremism and terrorism, no matter the religion or rac e behind them. Countries need to support each other’s efforts in this regard and share information and intelligence as nu merouWith the IS group losing ground inRead More →

piece of the Mei School, Wan Ruixing, renowned Peking Opera composer and player of the jingh u (a high-pitched two-stringed fiddle used in Peking Opera), said the Cheng School’s sorrowful tunes a nd slow rhythm also could be a decent interpretation of concubine Yu’s tragic fate. “There are more tragedies in the Cheng School’s plays and the characte r of Yu and her deep sorrow in the legendary story meet very well with the featu res of the Cheng School,” said Wan, who is also responsible for the new play’s method of singi ng tunes.A former actress from the China National Peking Opera Company, Zhang has performedRead More →

US-based tech giant Amazon.com Inc plans to shut down its third-party seller services on its Chinese online marketplace in July, as it shifts its focus to offering Chinese mainland consumers overseas products rather than goods from local sellers. Starting July 18, customers logging in to Amazon’s Chinese web portal will only see a selec tion of goods from its global store, rather than products from local third-party sellers. Amazon said it will keep running its other businesses in China, inclu ding the cross-border shopping business Amazon Global Store; Global Selling, which helps Chin ese merchants sell products abroad; its cloud service platform Amazon Web Services; andRead More →

China produces more than 80 million tons of hazardous waste per year, instead of the official figure of 40 million tons. Therefore, the total capacity for hazardous waste treatment in the country is insufficient, according to Wang. The utilization rate of the capacity for hazardous waste dispo sal also remains low. According to data that the Ministry of Ecology a nd Environment provided to the NPC Standing Committee in 2017, only about 25 percent of China’s capacity was in full operation and data from other sources also shows low utilization rates, Wang said. “Some enterprises have failed to build sound systems for hazardous waste managemeRead More →

 hectares, spreading due to windy weather. The forest fire first broke out at around 6 pm on March 30 at a remote spot in the mountains at an altitude of over 3,700 meters in Muli County. Local authorities dispatched more than 600 people to put out the blaze. After engulfing about 15 hectares of forest, the blaze was initially extinguished Tuesday. A lightning strike has been confirmed as the cause of the fire, local authorities said earlier. The restarting of the fire was caused by strong wind in the area, sources said. China’s health and education authorities pledged to work together to control child myopiaRead More →

Hainan is offering housing incentives to attract talent to the tropical isla nd province, where the country’s 12th free trade zone-its largest-is being created. A notice from the provincial government on Friday said the employ ees of companies that move their headquarters to the island will enjoy the same housing polici es and credit support as locals when buying a house, even though they don’t have household registration in Hainan. The supplementary measure, which is intended to address problems of new em ployees settling in the Hainan FTZ, will improve the business environment, attract investo rs, promote opening-up and development of headquarters, and optimize theRead More →