ce to optimizing the district’s investment environment, developing its headquarters econ omy and upgrading key industries such as finance and technology. The government has en上海后花园 hanced its support for businesses in emerging industries, such as cloud computing, big data, the internet of t 上海后花园hings and the IAB industries – information technology, artificial intelligence and biopharmaceuticals. Lin Daoping, Party chief of Tianhe, said: “As for the artificial intelligence industry, Tianhe would like to attract more R&D, sales and support centers. In manufacturing and biopharmaceuticals, Tianhe eyes more opportunities in a上海后花园女神会所 dvanced medical apparatus and instruments, health services, and stem cell and regenerative medicine among others. 上海后花园”FinanceRead More →

oup and the East Asian Institute at National University of Singapore also signed a strategic cooperation agreement during the meeting. Both parties agreed to enhance connectivity to create an internationally renowned think tank brand together, by poolin上海后花园女神会所 上海后花园g the ideas of experts, planning research and holding a series of activities such as forums, meetings and seminars to promote exchanges. The projects are expected to contribute to the knowledge city’s sustainable growth and join its already considerable facilities. The China National Intellectual Property Administration has established a patent examination cooperation center within the k上海后花园女神会所 nowledge city. The facility contributed one-fifth of the total number of annualRead More →

ots as an ethnic Puyuma and American blues.For American director and writer Kurt Paul MacCarley, the Chi nese violin concerto Butterfly Lovers not only took him through a beautiful and sad love stor y but has also inspired him to collaborate with Chinese musicians for his new movie Shanghai Cinderella. “I cried in my heart. It was very emotional,” MacCarley said after watching the show on Friday. “We are casting (for) the new movie. The music solo inspired me tonight to make this music collaboration.” The concerto, performed by renowned Chinese violinist Lyu Siqing, illustrates the folktale of the star-crossed lovers Liang Shanbo and ZhuRead More →

d in demographi上海后花园女神会所c turnaround. It took just 46 years-from 1949 to 1995-to lift its people’ s average life expectancy from 40 years to 70.8 years, an accomplishment all the more admirable because China is still a de veloping economy. As such, China has set a fine example for human development. As a leading developing country, China has notably closed the gap with developed countries in terms of people’s life expectancy and health. In fact, by 2015, Chinese people’s average life expectancy at birth had increased to 76.34 years. Compared with the mortality rate, however, the changes in China’s fertility rate have been astoundingly rapid. ChinaRead More →

also stressed the i上海后花园品茶微信mportance of inclusiveness and mutual learning among different civilizations. SCO nations should cherish their colorful civilizations, reject conflicts among them and uphold openness, inclusiveness and mutual learning to inject an impetus for friendship and common development of the people of all countries, Xi said. Xi also proposed deepening people-to-people exchanges and enha ncing cooperation in areas including culture, education, tourism, sports and media. Member states’ leaders signed the Bishkek Declaration of the Council of Heads of Sta te of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and issued a communique on the summit. It was agreed that the next summit of the organization will beRead More →

tions of China’s express industry and harmed the legitimate rights of Chinese clients, so the Chinese au thorities decided to launch the investigation, Ma Junsheng, the bureau head, said in a statement on its website on Sunday. “The fundamental rule of express services is that the service provider must deliver parcels to designated addresses and receivers. Postal service administrators have the right to look into any violations,” he said without mentioning the names of the clients that lodged complaints. On Saturday, China announced that FedEx was put under investi gation after Huawei Technologies Co claimed that FedEx, without providing any detailed expl anation, diverted twoRead More →

In addition, a thread on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like comments platfor m, titled “eating alone” contains 226,000 posts and has garnered 290 million hits. In 2017, WithEating Magazine, a Chinese foodie journal, started its Eati ng Alone channel on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing website. To date, the channel, wh ich has 52 episodes explaining how to prepare meals for one, has attracted more than 200 million hits. In February, the magazine published a book of the same name, listing 65 recipes for dishes ranging fr om desserts to foreign cuisine, such as roasted ribs, the Korean favorite bibimbap and seafood curry. To many people’s surprise, itRead More →

sing monitor report on flooding in Iran via Fengyun. The analysis estimated the coverage and terrain characteristics of the flooded area, which greatly assisted the country’s evacuation efforts. China has launched 17 Fengyun series meteorological satellites, of which seven are currently operational. The World Meteorological Organization has included China’s Fengyun se ries of meteorological satellites as a major element of its global Earth observation system. ountries should work together for a better future in today’s world that is globaliz ed and multipolar, Javier Solana, former secretary-general of NATO, said in an interview with China Daily. settlementcloud.orgRead More →

erprises in China. Last year, intellectual property authorities punished violators in more than 6,000 cases of infringing on rights of trademark registrants from overseas, with a t otal value of 151 million yuan ($22 million), an increase of 50.1 percent over the previous year, the report said. An agreement to support young scholars’ research into the Silk Road was signed between China and UNESCO during a ses sion of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing on Wednesday. Under the agreement, an international academic program will be launched with funding of $1 mill ion from the Chinese government to scholars under 35 yearsRead More →

ation, health and safety of their children are very important, but so is their conjugal relationsh ip. And they should realize that by leaving their children to enjoy some spare time on their own eve ryday, they will help them develop into better human beings with abundant life skills. Luo Huilan, a professor of women’s studies at China Women’s University Teach children how to be a good person People tend to get anxious when they are not certain about facing or handl ing a situation. For example, a person won’t feel nervous if he or she knows in adv ance the exact procedure to beRead More →