sing monitor report on flooding in Iran via Fengyun. The analysis estimated the coverage and terrain characteristics of the flooded area, which greatly assisted the country’s evacuation efforts. China has launched 17 Fengyun series meteorological satellites, of which seven are currently operational. The World Meteorological Organization has included China’s Fengyun se ries of meteorological satellites as a major element of its global Earth observation system. ountries should work together for a better future in today’s world that is globaliz ed and multipolar, Javier Solana, former secretary-general of NATO, said in an interview with China Daily. settlementcloud.orgRead More →

erprises in China. Last year, intellectual property authorities punished violators in more than 6,000 cases of infringing on rights of trademark registrants from overseas, with a t otal value of 151 million yuan ($22 million), an increase of 50.1 percent over the previous year, the report said. An agreement to support young scholars’ research into the Silk Road was signed between China and UNESCO during a ses sion of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing on Wednesday. Under the agreement, an international academic program will be launched with funding of $1 mill ion from the Chinese government to scholars under 35 yearsRead More →

ation, health and safety of their children are very important, but so is their conjugal relationsh ip. And they should realize that by leaving their children to enjoy some spare time on their own eve ryday, they will help them develop into better human beings with abundant life skills. Luo Huilan, a professor of women’s studies at China Women’s University Teach children how to be a good person People tend to get anxious when they are not certain about facing or handl ing a situation. For example, a person won’t feel nervous if he or she knows in adv ance the exact procedure to beRead More →

th rate of more than 9 percent three years in a row, the Chinese film market is extreme ly open and inclusive with outstanding movies from around the world, fine works of Hollyw ood in particular, being screened in China even before they are shown in other countries. This shows China’s decision to open up its film market in the trough in 1995 was absolutely right. Since then the quota for Hollywo od movies has been significantly raised from the initial 10 films a year. The opening up of the Chinese movie ma rket proves that the more open and inclusive a film market is,Read More →

China, but it belongs to the world. China has put forward the idea of boosting global development vi a infrastructure connectivity, and is working zealously to translate it into reality. This is based on wha t the country learned from its own rags-to-riches story, its own experience of the benefits of free trade and inte rnational cooperation, and on its understanding of the role a responsible major country must play. The forum’s growing list of distinguished guests is credible testimo ny that more and more countries appreciate the initiative‘s win-win nature and long-term pote ntial. With 126 countries and 29 international organizations signing cooperation agreementsRead More →

he clock, a fire engine, over 160 hydrants, thousand of extinguishers, and fire walls, officials said last year. But not all relics have such rigid supervision. A joint comprehensive survey was started in Septemb er by the administration and the Ministry of Emergency Management. It found that 33 major institutions still don‘t meet stan dards, and the State Council issued a notice on Wednesday that they were to receive the highest-level supervision. On Tuesday, the administration urged local governments to immediately launch evaluations of potential hazards. The new lawsuit against Liu Qiangdong, the billionaire founder and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant JD, and his companRead More →

Debates on whether the central bank needs to further ease monetary policy or not are continuing amo ng analysts, with their emphasis on guessing the next liquidity injection through reducing banks’ reserved deposits. Supporters of monetary easing expect that another cut in the re serve requirement ratio (RRR) may come no later than this week, as a liquidity shorta ge may occur after commercial banks pay back 366.5 billion yuan ($54.65 billion) to the central bank on Wedn esday. That amount of interbank lending was conducted previously under the medium-term lending facilities (MLF) scheme. Opponents, however, contend that the current liquidity is sufficient, and anyRead More →

Guests like Austrian ambassador to China Friedrich Stift, p erformances from the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna, and reality TV star Allen Wu as host have made the event the most talked-about on Beijing’s April social calendar. The dapperly attendees and the venue at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, a lux ury hotel in downtown Beijing, will make April 13 a night of waltz, high fashion and haute cuisine. With tickets priced 1,500 yuan ($224), the ball has sold out every ye ar during its five-year history in Beijing, according to organizer, the Kempinski Hotel. In this video interview with China Daily’s website, both theRead More →

“China’s urban development should take the road of sustainable development,” Xu said. “We sh ould pay more attention to green city construction, green industrial development and low-carbon energy-saving de velopment. And we should also ensure that migrant workers have the same social rights as native residents.” The NDRC proposed the introduction of various monetary policies to reso lutely curb the rise in hidden local government debt, encourage commercial financial institut ions to appropriately increase the credit supply and support qualified enterprises to issue bonds for financing. To implement the new urbanization tasks, China will improve the appro priate positioning of different cities in various fields,Read More →

insk and covering an area of 91.5 square kilometers, is the first special economic area in Bela rus and the largest intergovernmental cooperation project between China and Belarus. The industrial park is stepping up efforts to attract more global investors, with 43 companies registered by the end of February. Among the 43 companies, 26 are from China, 10 from Belarus, and seven from other countries, like the United States and Ru ssia. The companies have signed agreements to make total investments of more than $1 billion in the park. The China-funded Djibouti International Free Trade Zone, which started construction in January 2017, opened on JulyRead More →