hina has intr上海会所oduced a two-year pilot program to find out the psychological condition s and needs of senior citizens at the primary level, the National Health Commission (NHC) announced Thursday.上海会所 Covering 1,600 urban communities and 320 villages, the pilot program targets permanent re 上海会所品茶微信sidents aged 65 or above, said Wang Haidong, director of NHC‘s Department of Ageing and Health. Under the program, psychological assessment is carried out based on the personal will of the elderly, said Wang, adding that necessary mental interventions and suggestions of medical treatment would be offered depending on the results.上海会所 The program is initiated in response to increasingly prominent mental problemsRead More →

strong and popu上海会所品茶微信lar enough and able to connect with European citizens who showed the highest turnout in 20 years in the elections for the European Parliament in late May.上海会所 “They should be able to work in an efficient manner with world leaders and be strong enough to galvani ze worldwide support. We live in a very challenging world, and Europe needs strong and effective leadership,” Islam said.上海会所品茶微信 There have been major disagreements between leaders of the two major member states. German Chancellor Angela Merkel favors the process of lead candi date, known as Spitzenkandidaten in German. She supported Manfred Weber, the lead candidate of theRead More →

Xi and his wif上海会所品茶微信g Liyuan, were greeted by Kim and his wife, Ri Solju, at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport upon their arrival. Under Chinese and DPRK national flags and large welcome banners, nearly 10,000 people lined up at the airport, waving flowers and chanting cheerful slogans to greet the Chinese guests. Following a grand welcoming ceremony complete with a 21-gun salute, Xi headed to the square of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where he became the first foreign leader to receive a salute at the hi ghly symbolic site. Hundreds of thousands of people lined up along the road from the airport, waving flagsRead More →

ship was launch上海会所女神会所ed in 2012 in Chengmai, a place well known for longevity in northwestern Hainan island. As the top international barista event in Ch ina, the championship has attracted a total of more than 180 players from 40 countries over the years. Kayonga Charles, Rwandan ambassador to China, said the Fushan C up International Barista Championship sponsored by Chengmai county, where Fus han is located, has not only promoted coffee products and displayed coffee-making skills, but also has built a plat form for exchanges among coffee makers from all over the world. The ambassador said Rwanda has about 40 0,000 farmers growing coffee andRead More →

 province, said his district has been trying to address the issue of extravagance. Li said they were trying to reverse the trend of residents comparing the hosting of w edding ceremonies and funerals, which has resulted in jealousy and complaints. The district has ordered all officials to take the lead in rejecting the trend, and residents in 265 village s have signed letters of commitment against extravagance in hosting such events, he said. The district has also released a standard on hosting such events to prevent comparison among villagers. It includes re quiring the wedding ceremony be finished within a day and no fireworks, heRead More →

ries boasting the concept, which originated in Japan, have sprung up in many cities includi ng Shanghai, Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, and Shenzhen and Guangzhou, both in Guangdong province. Kong Yanling is a big fan of singles-friendly restaurants. The 25-year-old unattached Xi’an res ident remembers passing a Korean-style chicken restaurant a few years ago and deciding to drop in. However, the waitress at the door told her the restaurant only served large, shared platters. Kong took the hint and left. She has also found herself dining with strangers involuntarily when waiters have asked if she minded other people sharing her table. “I don’t mindRead More →

standing up in panic, Zhou attacked him again, piercing Xie’s neck several times. Xie then fell down to the ground but Zhou didn’t stop. He rushed to Xie, pressed down on his body, and stabbed him again and again until Xie died. Zhou then rose, holding his arms and assuming a triumphant gesture. Zhou was later arrested and confessed that he had bought the dagger online in advance. Since losing their only child, Xie Zhonghua and his wife stop ped going to work and have seen their health deteriorate. So far, they haven’t received an ap ology from Zhou or his family.The average life expectancyRead More →

hina Eastern Airlines confirmed to news outlet The Paper on Tuesday it has officially lodged claims with Boeing for losses cause d by the 737 MAX’s grounding and late delivery, adding the two companies will stay in communication over the issue. The move makes China Eastern Airlines the first airline in China to ask Boeing for compensation, as the 737 M AX suffered worldwide suspensions after two deadly crashes which took more than 300 lives in six months. Fourteen Boeing 737 MAX jets under China Eastern Airlines have been grounded since March 11. Boeing stressed that it refused to talk about any communications with itsRead More →

arch institute to accelerate the development of new apparatuses for underground detection that could reduce interference from human activity. “We will also explore carrying out observational experiments in wells from hundred of meters to 1,000 meters deep, and through scientific drilling that will p enetrate active earthquake faults to gain more information about underground structures,” he said. Currently, 13 countries have been involved in the project, includ ing Russia, Egypt and Algeria, and 17 domestic research teams, including one from U niversity of Science and Technology of China, have started research on the site, Zheng noted. The site will “offer research teams with observa tionRead More →

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the popula tion expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the Nation al Health Commission, said there are not enough nurses to cope with the growing needs of the country’s elderly. A regulation on the training of healthcare workers and standards of service is being drafted. It is expected to boost the number of nurse’s aides, Jiao said ahead of International Nurses Day on Sunday. The nurse’sRead More →