arch institute to accelerate the development of new apparatuses for underground detection that could reduce interference from human activity. “We will also explore carrying out observational experiments in wells from hundred of meters to 1,000 meters deep, and through scientific drilling that will p enetrate active earthquake faults to gain more information about underground structures,” he said. Currently, 13 countries have been involved in the project, includ ing Russia, Egypt and Algeria, and 17 domestic research teams, including one from U niversity of Science and Technology of China, have started research on the site, Zheng noted. The site will “offer research teams with observa tionRead More →

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the popula tion expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the Nation al Health Commission, said there are not enough nurses to cope with the growing needs of the country’s elderly. A regulation on the training of healthcare workers and standards of service is being drafted. It is expected to boost the number of nurse’s aides, Jiao said ahead of International Nurses Day on Sunday. The nurse’sRead More →

ring box office and increasingly impressive performance at major international film festivals including the Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. But there is still a wide gap between the Chinese film industry and the Eu ropean and US movie industries, be it in the art of filmmaking or in the publicity strat egies and methods. That some Hollywood filmmakers spend nearly half of their budget on publicity and ad vertising should give Chinese filmmakers some food for thought, especially since some Chinese movies, de spite being well made and highly rated by movie critics and viewers alike, fail at theRead More →

The volunteer team-led by Wu Liangliang, a security guard who has gained online fame for his fluent self-taught En glish-has also been part of the site’s efforts to provide a more personal management style, in addition to the city go vernment’s introduction of various measures, including a mobile app, to help tourists. Larry Goodrich, from Seattle, who has been traveling with his wife in the Yangtze River Delta for three weeks, lauded the volunteers’ contributions. Having worked in the computer industry since “the era of brick-si zed cellphones”, the 65-year-old said that while technology has provided unimaginable con venience, traveling is about being a partRead More →

munity’s efforts to advance the Middle East peace process and the remarks by the president’s son-in-law and a dviser Jared Kushner indicating that an upcoming US peace plan does not include a two-state solution with the Palestinians sh ows the US is hoping to undermine the international consensus built on that premise. Given its complex and chronic nat ure, there is no quick remedy to the decades-old enmity between Israelis and Palestinians. But both sides need to exe rcise the utmost restraint so as to avoid sparking another vicious circle of violence. Meanwhile, the latest bloodshed should convince the inte rnational community of the urgencyRead More →

s become a driving force behind economic growth, and interne t companies should concentrate on making breakthroughs in core technologies. “The country is narrowing the gap with developed countries, especially in autonomo us driving, cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems and intelligent transportation. We started a little late, but o ur pace is faster and our potential is bigger,” said Robin Li, chairman and CEO of leading Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. He noted that AI will have an impact on the internet and China should firmly grasp the historic opportuni ties of AI, and the country’s efforts in technological innovations will begin gradually changing the world. PonyRead More →

ties brought by the BRI, which by some estimates could be worth 1.8 billion pounds ($2.33 billion) annually to the British economy. As a financial hub for international infrastructure investmen t, British firms and international companies based in the UK stand ready to provide many of the ser vices required along the Belt and Road, especially as it becomes more of a shared venture, she said. They can also provide private financing required by the project and support thro ugh green finance, consultancy, rule of law and foreign exchange, McGuinness added. Seventy years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, ties between ChinaRead More →

annually to support academic research on basic science, technology and technological innovation, said Xu Wenwei, Hu awei’s director of the board and president of the company’s newly established Institute of Strategic Research. Huawei posted first quarter revenue of 179.7 billion yuan last Monday, a year-on-year growth of 39 percent.A new burst of messa ging against China has been unleashed again by Australian newspapers and the Four Corners pro gram of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, giving the impression that hostile forces are threatening Australia. In Ma ch, former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans said, “a new form of Sinophobia is emerging”. He said this is onRead More →

alia. In fact, any organizations or individuals providing communication services to Australia are subject to its jurisdiction, whether its “company, server, manufacturing location” is locat ed in Australia or not. More shockingly, the law imposes an extraordinary duty of confidentiality. The priva te sector, which assists law enforcement, cannot disclose the details of the instructions it receives, or even the ins tructions themselves. Otherwise, the violators will be put into prison for up to five years. In The Spirit of the Laws, Montesquieu warned: “Constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as farRead More →

China’s foreign trade climbed 3.7 percent year-on-year to 7.01 trillion yuan ($1.04 trillion) in the first quarter of this year, customs data showed on Friday. During this period exports grew 6.7 percent to 3.77 trillion yuan, while imports increased 0.3 percent to 3.24 tri llion, according to the General Administration of Customs.Editor’s Note: The United Stat es has repeatedly called on the World Trade Organization to cancel China’s and some other members’ developing country status and the special and differential treatments that come with it. Does the US’ dema The steady expansion of trade can be attributed to stable domestic economic growth and an increaseRead More →