and substantive progress thanks to efforts from both sides. Meanwhile the talks face some serious problems which need to be resolved. The top diplomat said that as long as the negotiations meet the general direction of China’s reform an d opening-up policy, adhere to China’s basic needs about high-quality development and serve the com mon interests of the Chinese and US people, the negotiator teams from both sides could have the capability and w isdom to settle their reasonable demands and eventually achieve a win-win agreement. Wang said China insists on upholding national sovereignty, safeguarding the inter ests of its people and defending national honorRead More →

bstacles to those that Asian and Latin American platforms previously had to overcome, including a lack of reliable payment systems, low trust between buyers and sellers, and logistics and deliv ry bottlenecks. But the experience of other regions shows that these shortcomings can be addressed over time. Internet regulations must not be disruptive The bigger risk to these platforms stems from the inevitable and necessary increase in regulation of the internet arou nd the world. In particular, diverse national regulatory regimes may inadvertently or deliberately disrupt or bloc k the international development of e-commerce ecosystems, hurting lower-income countries in the process. Avo iding the creationRead More →

 US market in other low-value-added markets, plus electrical machinery and equipment, mechanical appliances, and iron and steel. In most other categories, China has less than 20 percent of the US market. China also assembles and then exports a lot of phones, computers and other gadgets to the US. But, most of the profits and wages go to Japanese or South Korean component producers or US-based designers. For example, China ma kes less than $9 from each iPhone. The total price of a phone is ridiculously counted as a Chinese export to the US. It’s a good thing that China is no longer a low-wage country.Read More →

 President Xi Jinping will deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Conferen ce on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations to be held on May 15 in Beijing, a senior official said Thursday. Xu Lin, deputy head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Cen tral Committee and director of the State Council Information Office, made the announcement at a press conference. Under the theme of “exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations and a community with a shared futu re,” the conference includes an opening ceremony and sub-forums, said Xu, also vice president of the event’s executive committee. More thanRead More →

rseas no longer guarantees a well-paid job, the report found that 70 perce nt of respondents said they do not care about return on investment and are more appr eciative of other rewards of overseas study experience, including better adaptive ability. Gao Ang, an undergraduate student at the University of Californi a, Berkeley, said he does not regret going to the US despite its high cost. Overseas study provides students with many advantages-their exp erience tends to equip them with a global mindset and better languag e and communication skills-important characteristics for future promotion opportunities, he said. In 2018, 662,100 Chinese people went abroad toRead More →

tory as a mirror, and combining their personal ideals with the dream of national rejuvenation, Hu Xianzhong, a senior re searcher at the China Youth and Children Research Center, said in an article published by China Youth Daily on Sunday. Since the movement began nearly a century ago, the country’s youth has been collectively marching with the times and the people under the leadership of the C PC-whether in periods of revolution, construction, or in the nation’s campaign of reform and openingup, Hu said. As the centenary of the movement draws near, a good understanding of its history will make yout hs know more aboutRead More →

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and latest nuclear submarines, destroyers and fighter jets will join the parade, Qiu said. “Some vessels will make their debut for the first time,” Qiu added. Altogether 32 Chinese vessels and 39 warplanes will take part in the event, according to Qiu. The vessels will sail in six groups, namely, those of submar ines, destroyers, frigates, landing ships, auxiliary ships, and aircraft carrier. The planes will fly in 10 echelons, showcasing aircraft for early warning, reconnaissance, anti-submarine patrol, as wel l as bombers, fighters, carrier-based fighters, and carrier-based helicopters, Qiu said. More than 60 countries will send delegations toRead More →

ina to evaluate China’s market access and business environment for foreign investors in a “comprehensive, objective and fair” way. The ministry’s data showed that US investment in China jumped 71.3 percent year-on-ye ar in the first three months of this year. In 2018, US investment increased 7.7 percent year-on-year. Gao said expansion of the investment figures fully demonstrates that US compan ies continue to be optimistic about the market and accelerate the pace of investing in China. Gao cited another survey published in February by AmCham China that showed that most US companies with operations in China said they have continued to see their revenuesRead More →

ncouraging: annual TFP growth of about 3 percent, with especially strong growth in the tertiar y sector. So, notwithstanding the recent slowdown in aggregate GDP growth, services-led Chi nese rebalancing is imparting meaningful productivity leverage to the economy as a whole. The question now is: Can China sustain its recent TFP trajectorya dist inct possibility in light of an increasingly powerful shift to indigenous innovation and the sustained services-led productivity of a growing cohort of well-educated knowledge workers-as well as rea p the benefits of continued upgrading of its capital stock? If it can, the new Chinese study concludes that China’s potential GDP growth rateRead More →

before the crash has never been reported before, according to Bloomberg. Aviation analyst and editor in chief of, Geoffrey Thomas, said it was not unusual for off-duty pilots, known as dead heads, to fly in the cockpit of planes. “It could well be that the flight is full and he needs to get back t o Jakarta — so as long as he is authorized to do so — then it’s absolutely fine,” he said. However, the presence of the third pilot in the cockpit did not appear in the National Tra nsportation Safety Committee’s (KNKT) November preliminary report into the crash. Thomas saidRead More →