roject, including Russia, Egypt and Algeria, and 17 domestic research teams, including on e from University of Science and Technology of China, have started research on the site, Zheng noted. The site will “offer research teams with observation equipmen t, support for outdoor observation and data sharing services”, he said. Wu Zhongliang, director of the administra tion’s Institute of Earthquake Forecasting, said the experimental site will help for m a “united front” at the national and international level to work on earthquake forecasting. Referring to earthquake forecasting as a hard nut to crack, Wu said the work can not see marked progress just in aRead More →

ment and progress, international communicators should further play up their special role in advancing unders tanding, deepening friendship and expanding cooperation in the fast-changing world. They should push world pro gress in the right historical direction while promoting exchanges among civilizations and mutual learning. First, we should act as promoters of exchanges among human civilizations. The mutual depende nce, exchanges and learning of different civilizations give shape to the abundant and colorful world tod ay. As the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity points out, cultural diversity “is the common herit age of humanity”. The diversity of human civilizations is a basic characteristic of theRead More →

ctural reform and consolidate outcomes in its efforts to cut overcapac ity, reduce excess inventory, deleverage entities and lower costs, the statement said. More efforts will also be made to strengthen the dynamics of micro-entities, im prove industry chains and ensure unimpeded flow of goods and services in the national economy. The meeting also pledged major new outcomes through enhanced reform and opening-up. More work will be done to seize new opportunities, improve scientific and technological innovation capacity and speed up green development, said the st atement, which also stressed the need for the country to take part in the reform of the global economicRead More →

yers say the Home Secretary would have some leeway in deciding which takes priority. Considera tions would usually include which request came first, and which alleged crime was more serious. Most of the lawmakers who signed the letter are from the opposition Labour Party, whose leader, Jere my Corbyn, wants Britain to refuse to send Assange to the US After Assange’s arrest, he prai sed Assange for exposing US atrocities committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some Conservative Party members are also backing the move. Prom inent lawmaker Alistair Burt, a former Foreign Office mini ster, said the “minimizing of the issues in relation to sexualRead More →

ning a midair stall, the MCAS system automatically points the plane’s nose down to gain speed needed to stay aloft. Boeing added larger, more fuel-efficient engines to upgr ade the existing 737 airframe to compete with European rival Airbus. The new engines are positioned close r to the fuselage, changing the aircraft’s aerodynamics and pushing the nose up in certain conditions. Boeing created MCAS to make the new Max planes handle more like previ ous versions of the 737, a popular model used by airlines around the world. Some in the aircra ft industry, including pilots, have said Boeing did not provide adequate notice ofRead More →

point in its economic development are far more important than whether its slowdown is a gap or a trap. What comes after the catch-up to advanced economies operating on the technological frontier? This is where China’s stated goal of shifting from imported to indigenous innovation comes in. Middle-versus high-inco me status is a relative comparison for developing economies seeking to operate on that frontier. Notwithstanding the temporary effects of periodic exogenous disturbances-such as deleveraging, global slowdowns, or even trad e wars-catching up to the frontier and joining others pushing to move beyond it is the ultimate reward of economic development. That goal is ensh rinedRead More →

Apple Inc on Friday said it is canceling the AirPower wireless charging mat that the company announced in 2017 on t he same day as its iPhone X, a rare public retreat for the gadget maker known for splashy product launches. The mat was intended to wirelessly charge up to three Apple products at once, such as an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods wireless headphones. While wireless charging has spread through the gadget industry, chargi ng three devices at once with higher wattage “fast charging” has proved challengi ng. Furniture seller Ikea, for example, sells a $60 matt that can handle three phones but itRead More →

ons has voted against remaining in the EU and every version of leaving the EU,” tweeted James Cleverly, the Conservative Party’s deputy chairman. Nevertheless, some proposals fared better than May’s deal had done two weeks ago, and parlia ment was due to hold more indicative votes on Monday after refining the options most likely to secure a majority. Many Conservative eurosceptics had made clear they would only c onsider supporting May’s deal if she gave a firm commitment to resign, hoping a new leader would be more sympathetic to their views when negotiating the terms of Britain’s future relationship with the EU. “I have heardRead More →

ith so many applications in different parts of industry and the economy, and we want agreements, project by project.” Raffarin was appointed special envoy on China affairs by French President Emmanuel Mac ron. He pointed out that it is not pragmatic to have an agreement about every industrial sector, because, as sovereig n states, both countries need to protect the interests of their own businesses and industries. “It’s easier to go project by project, and, after some experience, we can add a larger vision,” Raffarin said. His comments came after Italy signed a BRI memorandum of understanding with China during Xi’s visit to Rome lastRead More →

of them are relatives, so the close ties between them are not broken by national borders. What th e school has been doing is to further strengthen the special bond between the two peoples,” he said. The school has preschool classes and first through third grades and all classes are taught in Chinese, Dai dialect and Burm ese, Sun said, adding that students can take advantage of free tuition and nutritious breakfasts. Jie En, 11, a Myanmar student at the school, said, “The teachers do not treat us differently because we come from a different country, and people cannot tell wh ether we are fromRead More →